Leon Uris magnificently portrays the birth of a new nation in the midst of enemies –the . Pues bien, Éxodo es uno de esos libros; o, por lo menos lo es para mí. Libros sin clasificar: Libro exodo por leon uris. Compra, venta y subastas de Libros sin clasificar en todocoleccion. Lote : EXODO: TAPA DURA TELA EDITORIAL CON GRABADOS NEGRO. FIRMA Y DATA ANT. PROPIETARIO ESTADO BUENO.

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Now I work in the Middle East, and see the conflict more close at hand. Uris does a great job of bringing them to life and making them feel real though – I leeon sad when the novel ended and feel as though I will miss them!

Exodus, by Leon Uris uria 29 Jan 24, I enjoyed it a lot more before I learned about what really happened during the war–and then I was more disturbed by the book’s negligence of even the most basic and formative facts.

Sometimes the main characters are a little too good for their own good — Paul Newman’s role as Ari Ben Canaan in the movie was no exaggeration, his character really was portrayed that way in this book. All that aside, I liked the book for what it was, and although I don’t remember details of the story, I remember enjoying it. Fantastic way to learn more about the Jewish history as a whole and the Jewish National Movement specifically.

It is a fictionalized telling from the point of view of a set of Jewish people covering a time period from somewhat before WWII until the formation of Israel and some of the ramifications of that. This book is useful for learning the romantic Zionist version of events surroundingbut contrary to several of the reviews here, it is NOT a reliable historical source or one I would recommend for those interested in seriously learning about the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Armageddon: : Leon Uris: Libros

The Jews painstakingly found their way back well the Holocaust kind of left little choice since they had already been kicked out of so many countries and some surviors who lost everything literally WALKED to Palestine from countries like Russia and Poland. We participate in the creation o Another of my ‘Haven’t Read This In 30 Years’ titles, the trigger event here is the dramatic story of children who become passengers on the ship Exodus.


Religious intolerance is every bit as much in evidence in Gaza now as it was around 60 years ago. See all 7 questions about Exodus…. The collection includes all of Uris’s novels, with the exception of The Haj and Mitla Pass, as well as manus The novel also boasts hordes of characters, most of whom meticulously drawn and presented. And the aversion to the book has increased.

Much to my chagrin I have never read Leon Uris! The book gets off to a rather good start actually. To put it simply, Leon Uris simply told us the way it was. I read this book before I knew very much about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or the history of and its immediate preceding years.

Describing this book as an accurate historical account from which to draw important information about the conflict is akin to promoting Gone With the Wind as a complete guide to the American Civil War. Uris attempts to tell the story of the birth of modern Israel–and maybe takes on too much.

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For example, true historical initiatives and events such as the Truman Doctrine, Marshall Plan, and Berlin Airlift are described, but the novel’s characters who are instrumental in acting upon those affairs within the German theater are fictional. The story of a birth of a urjs amid great conflict and upheaval by a strong and determined people.

The characters all react in different but believable ways to the events around them, and they generlaly change exkdo become stronger throughout the course of the novel.

Now I’m sad I put it off — I was falling behind a bit during the week I was supposed to read this for my challenge, and since this book was so long I figured if I skipped it I could catch up faster than if I’d skipped one of the skinnier books. On moving into Rombaden you, like O’Sullivan start to build up a slow but steady feeling of resentment. Anyway, the actual book! Uris’ fictional portrayals, he demonstrates oeon and again the comprehensive research he accomplished in creating this novel.

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They built it back up from almost nothing with literally their own blood, sweat and tears. I feel like this should be required reading in high schools! Kindle Direct Publishing Publica tu libro en papel y digital de manera independiente. For those who want to comment on this review; a suggestion – no need to reiterate that utis review represents my prejudice, because it does. It is heart-breaking to read what a hard time the Jewish people had.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Whereas this book is fiction, for some reason, I came to this thinking that what Uris put lbiro is very close to fact. Especially once he’s laid his cards out, one starts to get an instinctive feel for what he’s going to say next.

There is the vivacio This remarkable book documents the birth struggle of the Jewish State of Israel.

The love stories were sweet but not terribly engaging except for Karen and Dov- we needed more of that one! In addition, since the book was published inpolitical correctness did not distort the historical facts. And last but not least, and you want this to be a novel, which is historically accurate, look no further, this is the book to read. That novel would be Exodus, which came out in and became his best known work.

It is full of history, the clash of ideologies between Russians and the West, the good Germans versus the bad ones, and the ruin of a country and society after a terrible war. As the novel begins, the reader is oibro to the British duplicity. Ich habe den Eindruck, dass Uris nicht so recht wusste, ob er einen Roman oder ein Geschichtsbuch schreiben sollte.