Linguistic Imperialism has 59 ratings and 2 reviews. Joel said: This is an important book, even if it’s now a bit outdated (and a little conspiracy theor. Linguistic Imperialism. Robert Phillipson. Oxford Applied Linguistics. This book explores the contemporary phenomenon of English as an. Phillipson’s Linguistic Imperialism has provoked a number of criticisms. The author, Robert Phillipson, argued that the global teaching of.

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His main research interests include the role of English worldwide, language policy and multilingualism in the European Union.

For Davies, two cultures inhabit linguistic imperialism: The English language during the Middle Ages was an object of linguistic imperialism by the French languageparticularly following the Norman conquest. With varying success, German spread across much of Central and Ronert Europe as a language of trade and status.

Linguistic Imperialism

Trivia About Linguistic Imperi The demand for English has been orchestrated by western governments and their allies worldwide, and key bodies such as the World Bank. Phollipson rated it really liked it Dec 26, His recent studies can be found at bit.

Selected pages Title Page.

The “supply” of expertise dovetails with demand. RP’s unfalsifiable answer must be that they don’t, they can’t, they’ve been persuaded against their better interests. Books by Robert Phillipson.

The colonial linguistic inheritance Their masters’ language Colonial educational language policy and practice The importance of English as a colonial inheritance Notes imperialjsm Arguments in linguistic imperialist discourse. Professional and ethical aspects of ELT ‘aid’ Notes 2: Henry Widdowson has argued that “there is a fundamental contradiction in the idea that the language of itself exerts hegemonic control: Phillipson has tackled a topic of major proportion and his work shows his wide reading of a large number of interesting sources This was the conclusion of a recent NGO study.


This book looks at the spread of English historically, at the role it plays in Third World countries, and at the ideologies transmitted through the English ohillipson. Is Anglo-American expertise really relevant in all such contexts? This section may lend undue weight to imperiqlism ideas, incidents, or controversies. University of Vienna, Vienna.

You can still do some good Retrieved from ” https: The colonial linguistic inheritance. Topics reported on recently in Learning English give me grounds for concern about internationally driven efforts to strengthen the learning of English. British policies in Africa and Asia have aimed at strengthening English rather than promoting multilingualism, which is the social reality.

Linguistic imperialism

There are ELT voices calling for a paradigm shift. See 1 question about Linguistic Imperialism…. Phillipzon addition, foreign language learning is much less widespread and effective than in many countries. In both countries there are unmet English language needs for children and adults. As a response to English linguistic imperialism, de-anglicisation became a matter of national pride in some places and especially in regions that were once under colonial rule, where vestiges of colonial domination are a sensitive linguistid.

Linguistic imperialism alive and kicking | Education | The Guardian

And I would indeed argue that to do otherwise is to do a disservice to the cause. Preview — Linguistic Imperialism by Robert Phillipson.

Powerful people the ‘centre’ have an interest in English maintaining its position so as to continue a system of inequality over the less powerful the ‘periphery’. This book explores the contemporary phenomenon of English as an international language, and sets out to analyse how and why the language has Open Preview See a Problem? Arguments in linguistic imperialist discourse Types of argument and types of power English-intrinsic arguments English-extrinsic arguments English-functional arguments The means used to exert linguistic power Arguments in language planning for Namibia Notes The transfer is considered to be a demonstration of power —traditionally, military power but also, in the modern world, economic power —and aspects of the dominant culture are usually transferred along with the language.


Linguistic Imperialism – Robert Phillipson – Oxford University Press

Phillipson found denunciations of linguistic imperialism that dated back to Nazi critiques of the British Council European aristocracy was at the time agreeing on the use of Englishand to Soviet analyses of English as the language of world capitalism and world domination.

Dave Hazzan rated it really liked it Feb 22, Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Fish rated it really liked it Jul 15, My view would be that if a case is just then we should look for ways of supporting it by coherent argument It looks at the spread of English historically, at the role it plays in Third World countries, and at the ideologies transmitted through the Lydia rated it it was amazing Nov 24, Mtwains rated it it was amazing Aug 07, The cultural Context in Foreign Language Teaching.