Descriptions and articles about Liponyssoides sanguineus in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Wikipedia. Liponyssoides sanguineus (hematophagic-biting mite) is a mite of the rat, mouse, and other domestic rodents that occasionally bites man. Wild rodents are hosts to Liponyssoides sanguineus (house mouse mite), Laelaps echidnina (spiny rat mite), Laelaps pontiger (syn.

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House dust mite house dust mite allergyoral mite anaphylaxis. Infestations in laboratory animal colonies most likely originate with wild rodents that transmit their mite populations to laboratory mice via commensal mice living in the building.

Rat mites thus can transmit lionyssoides zoonotic diseases, and both O. Views Read Edit View history. Ornithodoros moubata Ornithodoros hermsi Ornithodoros gurneyi other: NHS Evidence on Liponyssoides sanguineus.

Ornithonyssus luponyssoides infestation on pets in the UK. Laboratory rodent colonies are at increased risk of infestation if they are exposed to infested commensal rodents e. Eradication of the tropical rat mite Ornithonyssus bacoti Hirst, from a colony of mice. Researchers have also documented O.

Successful rederivation of contaminated immunocompetent mice using neonatal transfer with iodine immersion.

Rickettsial pathogens in the tropical rat mite Ornithonyssus bacoti Acari: Product literature suggested Liponyssoidess would have no impact on research and were effective against many insect and mite species, and applications could take place during regularly scheduled visits, which made them relatively inexpensive. In view of the undesirability of insecticide use in the animal facility, it is advisable to investigate the effectiveness of preventive treatments, such as environmental application of insect growth regulators or silica-based products.


Ornithonyssus bacoti infestation and elimination liponyzsoides a mouse colony. Operatives should work inward from the periphery of the risk area toward the center to prevent mites escaping to untreated areas. Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. Regular health surveillance Livingston helps to detect excluded organisms, and should there be an outbreak, mites and pinworms are variously susceptible to treatment with parasiticides such as avermectins, pyrethroids, and benzimidazoles Baumans et al.

Environmental application of silica aerogel has been effective for controlling rat mite infestations in homes Ebeling and, as it is not likely to have a research impact, could also be a candidate for environmental control of insect and mobile mite pests in laboratory animal facilities. Liponyyssoides of soiled bedding transfer for detection of mouse parvovirus and mouse hepatitis virus. Citing articles via Web of Science Unlike barriers at the room or facility level that depend on limiting access to a few highly trained individuals, barriers at liponyssodes cage level allow facility access by multiple personnel while still protecting the laboratory rodents.

Dermacentor variabilis Dermacentor andersoni Amblyomma: Close mobile search navigation Article navigation. Observations on the tropical rat mite, Liponyssus bacotias an ectoparasite of liponyssoldes animals and suggestions for its control. Retrieved from ” http: Ten-year long monitoring of laboratory mouse and rat colonies in French facilities: Once the mites gain access liponysskides a colony, eradication requires elimination of commensal rodent reservoirs in addition to insecticide treatment of both the laboratory rodents and sanguiheus environment.


Laboratory studies of adult female Bdellonyssus bacoti Hirst, Acarina, parasitiformes. Monitoring sentinel mice for Helicobacter hepaticusH rodentiumand H bilis infection by use of polymerase chain reaction analysis and serologic testing.

An oral ivermectin regimen that eradicates pinworms Syphacia spp. Insect growth regulators fall into two categories, nonsteroidal ecdysteroid agonists that mimic the action of molting hormones and cause accelerated and incomplete molting, and juvenile hormone chemical analogs that inhibit maturation Dhadialla et al.

The mesostigmatid mite life cycle consists of an egg, six-legged larva, and two eight-legged nymph stages before adulthood.

House-mouse mite

But despite the technological and sanguineu tools available, it would be a mistake to become complacent. A single dose of topical moxidectin as an effective treatment for murine acariasis due to Myocoptes musculinus. Bandolier on Liponyssoides sanguineus. Prevalence of viral antibodies and helminths in field populations of house mice Mus domesticus in southeastern Australia. Most are predators of other mites, but three genera are ectoparasites of mammals and birds: Macronyssidae from Egyptian rats Rattus spp.

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Liponyssoides sanguineus – Wikipedia

Mesostigmatid mites infest both rats and mice and, unlike the more common rodent fur mites MyobiaMyocoptesand Radfordia sp. A simple and inexpensive method for maintaining a defined flora mouse colony.

Intracellular development of the cotton-rat filaria Litomosoides carinii in the vector mite Ornithonyssus bacoti.