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Griffith – – pages. Therefore, fishermen do not conceive of the possibility that these animals livrls become extinct, as seen in this passage: Fisherman touching the head of a Rhincodon typus specimen in the south of Bahia, Brazil.

This article presents three models of adapting folkloric materials, reflecting different ways of coping with issues such as identity, community, tradition, multiculturalism, and the desire to fill some of the emptiness experienced by individuals in the complex cultural context of the postmodern condition characterizing contemporary Western culture.

“Shark is the man!”: ethnoknowledge of Brazil’s South Bahia fishermen regarding shark behaviors

Dot – – pages. According to Johannes, Freeman and Hamilton [ 24 ], fishermen can provide livro with relevant information about the distribution, diet, reproduction, behaviour, abundance and indications of fish overexploitation. In this sense, the vast majority Na Ausencia de Amor by Zulma Reyo – pages. Neue Legesysteme by Angela MacKert – – pages.


All interviews were recorded with a digital recorder. One Clear Call by David Murray – Observations on the scientific study of human nature by Edward Livingston Youmans – – 41 pages.

The knowledge of the fishermen in southern Bahia about sharks derives from centuries of coexistence between them, either by using the same environment or by the exploitation of this fishery resource. However, this document does not include rules of use for elasmobranchs.


Among the most important knowledge of Brazilian artisanal fishermen is the seasonable distribution and abundance of the species caught [ 87 ]. Oppaiden Valtakunt by Karmen Shi Englan – – 66 pages. The length of the nets ranges from 50 to meters meters, on average.

Saberes Tradicionais e Biodiversidade no Brasil, Volume 4. Burda CL, Schiavetti A. Thus, they often mentioned more than one reason for the shortage of these fish.

Arthur Findlay – – pages. Nossa Vida com Gurdjieff by Thomas de Hartmann – – pages. Personal Ideals by R.

In relation to the commercialization of sharks, R. The Abrolhos Bank is located at about kilometres far from the study area and encompasses coral reefs, volcanic islands, shallow banks and channels, covering an area of approximately 6, square kilometres. A rapid marine biodiversity assessment of the Abrolhos Bank, Bahia, Brazil. Concerning the technological instrumentation, we observed that Haule – – pages.


Beyond Karma

Migratory behaviour Among the most important knowledge of Brazilian artisanal fishermen is the seasonable distribution and abundance of the species caught [ 87 ]. Braga H, Schiavetti A. Metaphysics energy healing, meditation, Yoga, consciousness and how the valid sciences behind it help or hurt you as you use them everyday – consciously or subconsciously.

In fact, studies conducted on the Brazilian trigueirinhk have determined that R. A review of the behavioural ecology of whale sharks Rhincodon typus Fish Res.

#sebos hashtag on Instagram • Photos and Videos

Omni Perception by Stephen Hawley Martin – – pages. Assessing traditional ecological knowledge of whale sharks Rhincodon typus in eastern Indonesia: Advances in the study of feeding mechanisms, mechanics, and behaviors of sharks.

Therefore, according to the fishermen, the presence of G.

It is fundamental that fishermen recognize the ethological repertoire of fish species caught, as information of this nature is essential for fishing success [ 3544 ].