When the design of this chassis is complete, full plans will be published. However, I started this design with a chassis bought on Fleabay. Building an modifying the “Locost” chassis design to work with AE86 Toyota Corolla drivetrain parts. I’m doing my due diligence and have copies of many frames but still unclear on the major difference between a $ frame and the frame on.

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Scratchbuilt 1/10 scale Locost chassis

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Learning much more than the books provided. I liked the chassis in bare white plastic, but I thought it would look even chassi in Humbrol’s Polished Steel. Tue Jan 06, 7: For readers with Ron Champion’s book: I built the lower side of the frame on the drawing of page 47, scanned, scaled to 1 to 10, and then printed.

Body panels loxost usually fiberglass nose and wings and aluminium side panels.

Catherham Vs Locost Posted: Jim McSorley Sevenesque site with drawings of various versions. Unfortunately they have removed their realistically priced Locost chassis plans from sale due to the high cost of public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Many different companies make and sell parts and complete kits for building the car. The missing triangulating members were simply too difficult to model with the computer.

Look at ebay frames, they’re not complete Tue Jan 06, 2: If price must be compared it must be against what Caterham would charge for just the frame, not the entire car. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.


Scratchbuilt 1/10 scale Locost chassis

I ignored the problems on the rear side, and continued with the transmission tunnel, built from 2. My Locost is very individual and desi gned to suit my needs. Next the ‘sheet metal’ of the transmission tunnel, the rear uprights, chaseis footwell front, the sides of the car, the top of the footwell, and the nose bottom panel were added, in that order.

I later enlarged the holes in all brackets, to make them look more realistic. Would you like to know when this website changes?

It is assumed that donor parts and personal choice will dictate the final geometry of the transmission tunnel and suspension. Generally I managed to build the chassis within 0.


Running with very tight regulations and deliberately limiting costs, the Motor Club have ensured affordable and close competitive racing for the enthusiastic amateur. The top was 20mm chipboard with 90mm x 30mm pine supports glued on the long edges and a steel tube frame underneath. For modern high-performance cars, 30, Nm per degree hcassis the target.

Sports cars Lotus Seven replicas. Another error involves the floor panel. I obtained a great set of detailed plans from Formula Motor Sport in Queensland and incorporated many of their ideas into my chassis. I know that some later Caterhams have loocst aluminum honeycomb floor.


Locost – Wikipedia

The chassis plans on this site are based on the original Locost design presented in Ron Champion’s book. Here’s a pic of the front half of that same car – http: In Australiakit cars must pass structural testing for certification for road use. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’ve excluded them from the drawings because each builder tends to customize the transmission tunnel to meet their needs cut-to-fit.

I purchased a complete Mazda MX5 NC as my donor vehicle and a selection of steel tubing, I was then ready to begin the process. A locost frame is easier to built then a Caterham frame, so it’s just normal that the frame will be cheaper, and actually a complete locost frame is more like and there not even skinned. Be sure to refer to the book for these structurally critical pieces. The reality was that the process is far from simple and there are many decisions to be made along the way and problems to overcome.

Ron Champion published his book in

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