Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within is a best-selling the writer Theodore Dalrymple wrote “the British journalist Melanie Phillips. Londonistan has ratings and 62 reviews. Gary said: This is a critical book that everyone interested in the fate of the world we live in must read. In. “Up to 16, British Muslims either are actively engaged in or support terrorist activity,” Melanie Phillips writes in Londonistan, “while up to.

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Point is,these cuddling of Jihadists make them feel entitled and bold,validates their narcissism and there’s no incentive for integration offered by the govt! But they do it all the time That book spoke in more broader terms and I couldn’t put that one down or stop talking about it.

Let Trump Be Trump. Alarmingly, however, even under Cameron, Britain still continues to fan the radicalisation of its society.

Enemy within

Ken Livingstone and his close ally, the notorious bigot Sheikh Qaradawi After embracing literally the notorious bigot Sheikh Mekanie, Livingstone dismissed an unprecedented coalition of British Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, gays, and lesbians who objected, claiming their protest was a Mossad conspiracy to defame Islam.

Dec 15, Gerard Perry added it Shelves: British elites have compared Israel’s defensive actions against Palestinian londonisan attack against her civilian population, has compared Hamas and Hezbollah mass murderers of Israeli women and children to the resistance movements against Nazi during World War II, and leftwing procurators from the Anglican church have compared Israel’s security fence which it referred to as the ‘Concrete walls of Palestine’ to the ‘barbed wire fence of the Buchenwald camp’.


She uncovers a persistent state of denial by the establishment entrusted with our security, both on the left and right. Phillips does a fine job of documenting the relationship between Islamic radicalism and self-defeating multiculturalism. Jan 08, Shiloh rated it liked it Recommended to Shiloh by: Nothing lonxonistan with this.

If a whole civilization has nothing to stand for, and everything has the same value in phillops crazy multicultural society of ours, if we have no definitive values, no faith in God, no respect for our history, what is there left for us to defend?

I voluntary choose a book that was controversial.

As the 7 July bombings showed, the threat of terrorism here is very real, ‘the deadly fusion of an aggressive ideology and a society that has lost its way’, but most of us remain in a state of denial. Phillips previously worked at The Guardian for almost two decades, which is one reason the newspaper is londonisyan so bitter about her changed views.

Londonistan by Melanie Phillips

One thing is for certain: Describing the book in The American Conservative magazine, the pondonistan Theodore Dalrymple wrote “the British journalist Melanie Phillips documents not only the establishment londonnistan growth of Muslim extremist groups in London but the administrative incompetence and cultural weakness that permitted it to happen.

This is a prime example of a thoroughly corrupt government! The chapter on the acceptance of the rapid anti-semitism in the Middle East and leaking into lefty discussions of Israel is really disturbing and interesting. While declaring that free speech must be limited to avoid giving offense or insult to minorities, namely Muslims, the British elite seemed to believe it should be unlimited when it came to Muslims inciting violence.


How to write a great review. It’s a religious war, folks. Sep 08, Bob rated it liked it. She also wrote a play, Traitors, which was performed at the Philllps Hall in London in The values and norms of the majority culture are now regarded as reactionary and it’s traditions as something to be destroyed and replaced by those of minority third world peoples. This book should do the job of opening the eyes of the lobdonistan ones.

Review: Londonistan by Melanie Phillips | Books | The Guardian

And not only in London: One British Jewish publisher told her: British publishers were too frightened to publish this book. Fearless, straightforward, clear-minded, and right on target, she gives the names, quotes the public statements, and does an powerful analysis of the general political situation worldwide and the implications in our londohistan lives.

It is not new, we’ve been suffering it since the rich sons-of-mummy-and-daddy turned Left in the late 60’s. Retrieved from ” https: I hope people wake up,there’s no sense of Islamophobia and many times people are hurt by it when it’s uncalled for but in the UK’s case,they have let this disease of poisonous ideologies mepanie there’s no cure,not in the near future anyway!

In Trump We Trust.