“Lord Ullin’s Daughter” is a ballad which tells the tragic story of the daughter of Lord Ullin and her lover who die a very sorrowful death when. Poem in Brief: “Lord Ullin’s Daughter” is a ballad which tells the tragic story of the daughter of Lord Ullin and her lover who die a very sorrowful. The poem consists of 13 stanzas. Each of these stanzas is again made up of 4 lines. Hence, the entire poem consists of 52 lines in total.

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At this juncture, in tune with the ethos of Scottish culture, Lord Ullin’s daughter expresses her unwillingness to confront her angry father who has turned down her proposal to marry the chieftain. Then the beautiful daughter of Lord Ullin pleads to the boatman; she says that she is ready to face the raging storm but not her angry father. Rahul Das says 3 years ago. Even though the water is flowing so fast that white froth is rising to its surface, the boatman would row them across the lake.

Now the Lord remained alone on the shore lamenting on his fate. Lord ullin, the father of the girl had reached to the shore. But all his pleads and cries were in vain as the loud waves were turning very furious and these dangerous waves swept away the chieftain and his daughter.


But when he saw that her daughter had entered into the mouth of death i. Mr Luchador 9 March at Lord Ullin’s hard heart was also melt by her daughters love to the chieftain.

Summary – Chapter 9 – Lord Ullin’s Daughter, Class 9, English

In this stanza, Lord Ullin looks hard through the darkness and the storm to see his daughter with one hand stretched out to as if to ask for help, and the other holding onto her lover — the Chief of Ulva.

His heart melts and he cries out to her to return and that he would accept her daughtrr.

This site uses cookies: I want a free account! His wrath then changed into wailing and he stood at the shore lamenting over the tragedy.

Continue with Google or Continue with Facebook. Thomas Campbell is remarkable for his sentimental poetry. Learn more with Brainly!

Considered to be one of the most popular romantic poems of Campbell,the poem unfolds the story of the attempted elopement resulting in the death of the couple. He then asks the boatman who would cheer his bride once he had been killed after Lord Ullin discovers them journeying together.

Finally, the boatman agrees to take them across Lochgyle. The lovers reach the shore of a tempestuous sea. Notify me of new posts by email.

lord ullin’s daughter summary –

At that moment the boat left the shorw and entered into the stormy sea. At once his wrath transforms into wailing. Secondary School English 5 points.


R says 3 years ago. Having trouble with your homework? Arnab Sur 31 July at Answers come with explanations, so that you can learn.

Friday, 9 August In this stanza, the poet says that while the land had been an unsafe place for the Chief of Ulva and his lady love, the sea was none too safe for them either. When Lord Ullin saw that her lovely daughter was in danger, he became very sad. Download EduRev app here for Class 9 preparation. She save that she could face the wrath of stormy is sky but was unable to face her father.

The weather is stormy and it is very dangerous to cross the Lochgyle in such a state. I am study in 9th std and iam in cbse syllabus This poem i study so it is very helpful for prepare an summarj Thanks. This shows his valiant nature as well as his kindness towards the lady and his lover. Notify me of new posts by email.

Now after hearing the pitiful story of the chieftain. I want a free account!