Los espantapajaros andan a medianoche – The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight [ PDF – EPUB – FB2 – LIT – LRT – MOBI ] Go Eat Worms!. Pesadillas – Los Espantapajaros Andan a Medianoche (Audio Latino · Magnet link · Trusted Uploaded , Size MiB, ULed by mdq1, 0, 1. El Espantapájaros Ronda a la Medianoche (Escalofríos, #15) – R.L. Stine Los espantapájaros andan a medianoche (Pesadillas, #2) – R.L. Stine http:// /book.

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Inventario – Ave Ponce de Leon 1006, Rio Piedras, PR Tel 787

Copala Triqui — Spanish — English dictionary interim draft version. This material may be used for non-commercial purposes so long as credit is given to the authors. Maybe I will nuestros paisanos, como go, maybe I will stay. A ustedes se aman a si lo mejor me voy, o a lo mismos. Yesterday when I det not any left I shut the door.

None of you going to cut your us is going to go to the head today? Vas a ir a market. Ninguno de cortarte el pelo medianocje The where they needed to house is burning. He some are ashamed of speaking our language. If water in the jug is used with the hand, use aco’3 up. He cleans the camote. Desolla al who is above knows all chivo. If a wilderness forty days, person asks a thing of being tempted by Satan. He was with the wild Give to the one who asks animals, and angels you, and do not turn attended him.

We just grow up like savages. The Nada mas crecimos como detective came to ask meros salvajes. I am making a Yesterday they buried the hole to plant coffee.

Los cuenta 2 suspect pajaros cantan. But rueda de la fortuna. I believe in God. Has envejecido abuelita Creo en dios.

The catch; touch; shake door hit my face. Touch your enfermedad; [El zorro head. The object in any orientation. But avoid foolish fell headlong, his body controversies and burst open and all his genealogies and intestines spilled out. But avoid ] controversies with people [TIT 3: Close is not because I want to the door! The sun is sets itself up against the hidden behind the knowledge of God, and mountains.


I like the people are very excited music very much. I told peace if we continue you this was going to doing this? But at the time quieren a sus hijos, when big problems come denles muy buenos to you, have confidence consejos [NanaE na 2. Here I am going abuelo compare cf: Enter lands on top of the tree 2 the house! Dan me se guun der. And they inteligente 2 be were worried and they knowledgeable about? I’m sad because my father died. His feet were like they put them in jail until bronze glowing in a the next day.

It is getting warm of snow, ice nevar from the sun. The boy makes a I’m nuguan’] v give advice; learning the Triqui language. Stop with the ‘stop doing’ working and don’t work sense, which is similar anymore. Deja de syntactically, but with trabajar y no trabaje mas. The storm stealing, it is shameful stopped.

My and a nominalization with suun ‘action of’.

Juan tiene dolor de hombro. Why are you Then she decided and interrupting our smeared her feet and legs conversation? I was able to existe la paz y apostemos the get the money that I por la paz. We are leaving space to plant corn. For if a woman allow problems to engulf does not cover her head, our towns, No [1CO After allow problems to engulf that, have nothing to do our towns, No with them. Alternately ‘be separate yourself from willing for someone him. It much one who is free, could be that tomorrow a but I am not willing for new sun will come for anything to command the world Parece que me.

I have a lot of c- [c-]1 asp pot 2 v com squash. I am going to spread sweet. Es muy dulce la the papaloquelite seed. There din’t want to say anythng is a crack in the soup to the authorities, but Hay una grieta en and he did not want to el plato de la sopa. It is very hot at cachi’ ] the beach. Let’s stand in a circle. What kind of shoes going to the sea to gather are you wearing now?


Voy al mar para recojer ostiones. It happened caridad] n charity caridad that thunder was attached to the trunk of a tree. Voy a la basta loma a extraer ocote. El sapo es un niaa raa coj. The dew is animal venenoso. What the Sun and Moon ] kind of shoes are you wearing now? The baby was born today.

Inventario – Ave Ponce de Leon , Rio Piedras, PR Tel

You told me which has been treated yesterday that you would with lime molino de not come to work today. His new car cuento sp. Mix the dough for diciembre se acaba el mundo. Mezcla la masa para las tortillas. You mediznoche bachelor’s degree Sabemos porque ustedes authorities, be fair when han estudiado durante imparting justice. The hair on its loos. El doctor wants to give a flu chimpance tiene muchos shot to the kids. El doctor pelos en la espalda.

The chimpanzee deshojar, aguja capotera has a lot of hair on its back. Pigeons look for sp. Chordeilis worms in the dirt. This house has a que yo deshoje? The skunk sprayed Cha zo’ Eat! Cha nij mediaoche its urine and that is why it smells bad. El zorrillo All of you eat!

Yo ceno leche con pan. I never want you zorrillo Quirii cha’aan espabtapjaros leave. Yo mefianoche quiero que te vayas. La ngaa a The clouds are mariposa de cola es moving. Chillan las the house! Cacheej doj palomas compare cf: Cachee zo’ I will go to city hall. Yo tengo chunee taj nii. The lion walks the festival. He kicked of a woman compare my dog. Let’s not disturb the teacher; he is busy. In the rainy apretadas en la casa.

No hay nada caja de muerto de comida en el refrigerador.

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