With eyes on the new glazed pavilion designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, here’s a look back at Louis Kahn’s original Kimbell, which put the institution. The Kimbell Art Museum by architect Louis I. Kahn was built in Fort Worth, Texas, United States in Past show featuring works by Louis Kahn at Kimbell Art Museum Fort Worth, Camp Bowie Boulevard Mar 26th – Jun 25th

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Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture | Kimbell Art Museum | Artsy

The spaces of the galleries do not delineates each individual vault shape but is flowing from one to another as a result of the liberation of space achieved with the removal of walls.

Convinced that contemporary architects could—and should—produce buildings that were as monumental and as spiritually inspiring as the ancient ruins of Greece and Egypt, Kahn devoted his career to the uncompromising pursuit of formal perfection and emotional expression. Kimbell Art Museum Handbook of the Collection. Further research by Marshall Meyers, Kahn’s project architect for the Kimbell museum, revealed that using a cycloid curve for the gallery vaults would reduce the ceiling height and provide other benefits as well.

Gong XianLandscape, c. However, by continuing to use the site without changing settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Kay Kimbell and his wife, who gave name to the museum, established a foundation to build an art museum to house iahn growing collection. In the case of the Kimbell, director Richard Brown provided an initial list of important considerations for generating ideas for the structure.


Click here to cancel reply. Kahn —architect Photograph: Kimbelll Age In pastels that have been acknowledged as the most sublime examples of his drawing, he captured the vivid colors that light and shadow make as they illuminate the musejm sites. Kahn’s first design for the galleries called for angular vaults of folded concrete plates with light slots at the top. The main west facade of the building consists of three foot bays, each fronted by an open, barrel-vaulted portico, with the central, entrance bay recessed and glazed.

Building Art, Building Science. Andy — great photos…it is an amazing place.

Art museum in Texas, USA. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Geren was made associate architect, a practice followed in Fort Worth for out-of-state architects. Kelly designed the system of directional light through a sheet of aluminum dome.

Kahn Building

Numerous wall tests were poured and allowed to cure in the Texas sun until they found the right surface qualities and perfect match for the soft tones of the travertine. Kahn in October After visitors ascend to the gallery level of the new building, they can exit it and walk across the lawn and the courtyard to enter the original building as Kahn had intended.

Though thoroughly modern in its lack of ornament or revivalist detail, the building suggests the grand arches and vaults of Roman architecture, a source of inspiration that Kahn himself acknowledged.


Science demonstrates how Kahn studied the structural laws inherent in nature as a means of establishing a foundation for the renewal of architecture.

Louis Kahn / Kimbell Art Museum

Lee has been the director since March ; Kay Fortson, president of the Kimbell Art Foundation and a key figure in the creation of the original building; Ben Fortson, a trustee; and Sue Ann Kahn, Louis Kahn’s daughter and a vocal opponent of the original plan for expansion. Kahn November 26, The vaults are grouped into three wings. Service and curatorial spaces as well as an additional gallery occupy the ground floor. Kahn also varied the size of the courtyards.

The exhibition encompasses an unprecedented and diverse range of architectural models, original drawings, photographs and films. In Aprilthe museum announced that Renzo Piano had been chosen to design the new building.

Additionally, Kahn and his engineers musfum long steel cables inside along the length of each vault.

Kahn determined the kwhn shape of the vault through his collaboration with a structural engineer, Dr. The Asian collection comprises sculptures, paintings, bronzes, ceramics, and works of decorative art from ChinaKoreaJapanIndiaNepalTibetCambodiaand Thailand.