Love Unscripted: The Love Series, Book 1 [Tina Reber] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An A-List Movie Star Ryan Christensen just. I was told that this book basically felt a lot like Thoughtless minus Denny and boy were they freaking RIGHT!! For those of you who were also. Love Unscripted Tina Reber. Taryn Mitchell is a twenty seven year old tavern owner whose heart has been broken one too many times. Her last.

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Gary is a huge asshole.

May 03, Cole rated it liked it. It just played out differently; and, IMO was much easier to handle.

Overall, this book was just too freaking rrber. The dialogue was absolutely horrible. She is every girls dream best friend. She’s quite content with running her bar and being at peace with the whole non-dating bit. I love it when the story takes it’s time to before the main characters get together. View all 5 comments.

At the end of Love Unrehearsed the last lobe chapters spanned several years. I know books can’t go on forever and publishers have strict guidelines about word count.

Love Unrehearsed

I strongly urge everyone over the age of 17 to purchase this novel immediately. Kindle Editionpages. One because I had to, the second because I actually thought the plot had some potential.


Yep, once I opened this book it took over everything. This book was better than the previous book in that I reger want to wring Taryn’s neck, but I also thought that the author tried to do too much in a relatively short period of time.

Love Unscripted – Tina Reber

I was pleasantly surprised with how much hy Mike was in this book! I think they may have spent more time with their clothes off than one. This is a great feel good book you wont be able to tnia down with and ending that is absolutely perfect. The epilogue was so damn good it deserves its own cover! It was a lil rushed and was only mentioned for a few pages towards the end of the book.

Review of “Love Unscripted” and “Love Unrehearsed” by Tina Reber | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

She never shuts up about how pathetic and worthless they all are. Marie and Mike have much bigger roles this time and I absolutely loved that. Mike the bodyguard, who may be almost as swoonworthy as Ryan. An Incredible story that is wonderfully written and makes you fall in love all over again, with words.

Darling, how could you ever doubt me? The timelines could also use some editing – in some instances, days go by in two sentences, or, in contrast, a minute action is explained over seven pages. Unscripetd, going into this book, I was a bit nervous, but also anxious to see if Taryn and Ryan could really make it work.


Love Unscripted

Mar 31, Lucy rated it really liked it. I’m a guy who never writes reviews, nor do I read Romantic or erotic novels. So far this book is killing me. But the writing here took away from the story so much for me.

Won’t say anymore but yes! I think you should stop reberr this nonesense and screw the shit out of him until he passes out from exhaustion The man is sex on a stick and has that whole controlling jealousy thing down without being too overbearing. This book was long And I’m ecstatic it was moved to this year instead of next year.

We can sleep on the plane. Anything worth having is worth fighting for.

Their promises to each other

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