Lucky has ratings and reviews. Matt said: This is what I remember. This is the first line in Lucky, Alice Sebold’s memoir of her rape and. In Lucky, a memoir hailed for its searing candour and wit, Alice Sebold reveals how her life was utterly transformed when, as an eighteen-year-old college. Alice Sebold knows all about arresting first lines. Her other book, Lucky, also goes straight for the jugular: “In the tunnel where I was raped.

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Often it is awe or admiration, sometimes it is repulsion, once or twice it has been fury hurled directly at me for reasons I remain unsure of. I don’t like coffee. He led me in there and told me to sit down.

I looked up Alice Sebold and ordered the other two books she’d published. Or, worse still, “That’s a nice sweater she’s wearing”? Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Rather she simply told the story-history in glimpses and left George’s motivations and actions unexplored.

I have a confession: It’s a story every woman and man should read. The “Aftermath” section didn’t work for me at all — too choppy, too “look what a bad girl I turned into. She uses the victim as the narrator but unlike other books suffering this plot line, where the victim holds revenge or anger, Susie Salmon does neither. I had never fought before, was chosen last in gym.

I could only focus on the next minute and believe that with each minute it would get better, that slowly all of this might go away. I asked them to explain everything they did. Set up a giveaway. It was nicknamed Blue Baby and it was a mummy, with the disintegrated face and body of a child who had died centuries ago.


Perhaps my personal history is the reason that I’ve become intolerant of plot lines by naive but sensationalist writers. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Linda was kneeling on her bed and holding the door open.

I was told this story by the police. And he drew my head forward and our lips met. Lucky is, quite simply, a real-life thriller. I would recommend it to other women, because it is an eye-opening read. Certainly not “I guess this will make you less i A harrowing tale, indeed. So I did what most neurotic and obsessive readers do. Mar 19, Sharon rated it really liked it Shelves: The people in her life from her family to her friends, insist on treating Sebold as a victim and she obviously didn’t want that role.

Lucky (memoir) – Wikipedia

In any case, as a survivor, and having also read ‘The Lovely Bones’ and enjoying Sebold’s style, this was a great read for me. A way to get Harper Collins to give your rough draft a look-see. I would have hoped that writing this book would have allowed her to get it out of her system so that she could move on with her life.

The cosmetics of rape are central to proving any case.

Lucky by Alice Sebold

They rushed me through the emergency room doors. My second chance at escape now gone. Before she had dropped me off at Ken Childs’s house the evening before, we had agreed she would come to the dorm around 8: He grabbed my head.

Just put the soap back. So far, in appearance, I was two for two: I was shivering uncontrollably. If I shut my eyes, I believed, I would disappear. I originally bought this book for research.



This room was used to store large, incredible machines with lifesaving abilities, all shining with stainless steel and spotless fiberglass. Get a FREE e-book by joining our mailing list today! The timeless, fearless, 1 New York Times bestselling memoir from the alicce of The Lovely Bones —a powerful account of her sexual assault at the age of eighteen and the harrowing trial that followed, now with a new afterword by the author.

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Hey, I’m a talented writer who needs a break. It’s August, I’m back from vacation, and I think the end of is going to be even better than the beginning.

One of the most fascinatingly written novels I’ve ever read. My relationship to Victor, before that morning, consisted mmemoir of not understanding what he had in common with Diane, whom I found loud. She had lectured me and my sister on drugs and as I grew older I understood her fear — that I would get drunk or high and lose my virginity to some fumbling boy. However, in this case, the prosecutors had a nearly perfect victim. She cried more than I did and her face became mottled and swollen.

I had to grip the tap and a handle on the side of the shower lucyk stay upright.

Alice Sebold writes with a great deal of courage. Sebold has stated that her reason for writing the book was to bring more awareness to rape. This book is in no way easy to read.