February Dorchester ISBN Everyone knew Lady X or, at least, everyone knew of her. The masked courtesan was reputedly a noblewoman. It’s a case of mistaken identities and unmistakable attraction in New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands’ classic historical romance, previously. The Reluctant Reformer By Lynsay Sands – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Now everyone knows that a certain amount of research must go int these articles, so donning a lynnsay of disguises, Lady Margaret has gone into a number of places no ‘Lady’ should be seen in. This book however disappointed lynsy some areas. Ordering them to stand firm, she moved quickly across the room, pausing at the door to take a breath and listen for sounds in the hallway. Those drink were finished and whatever had passed for small talk between reluctanh two done, Frances now knelt at Maisey’s feet, her hands clasped gently in his, heartfelt longing on his face as he peered up at her.

Johnstone appeared as surprised at the question as could be. That was all she had seen. It sounded amazingly like.

The Reluctant Reformer – Lynsay Sands – Google Books

She had barely finished that thought when it occurred to her that she was crouching down in a small armoire in one of the rformer of the infamous Madame Dubarry’s. Maggie took in the hopeful gaze of the girl, peered at the ground such a long way down, then shifted cautiously on the ledge, her mind made up when her stomach jumped nervously.


She had ended up going all this way for nothing, for while curtains shrouded the window making the images inside blurred and foggy, they were discernible recormer to see that it was two people engaged in the most energetic round of ride the pony it had ever been Maggie’s misfortune to witness. Lady Margaret Wentworth supports herself and her contingent of servants by working as a part-time investigative reporter for a London journal. What there was of it.

Ramsey nodded at this suggestion by Johnstone. That was when Maggie had had her brilliant idea. That knocked it down a star when the rest of the story was fairly good.

James had to ignore his quarry’s violent protests that he was an idiot, that she was never the infamous X. While the initial premise becomes old pretty fast, the following novel is quite fun and includes somethings which don’t normally happen in historical romance. Buy The Reluctant Reformer: Sighing in resignation, Maggie turned to peer back along the ledge, took a deep breath, then began inching her way back the way she had come, clinging to the wall like a limpet as she did.

Then I’ll send yours back to ye first thing on the morrow once it’s been cleaned. Maggie sets o Maggie is just doing her job. It was an okay book.

The Reluctant Reformer by Lynsay Sands – FictionDB

Loved every moment of it. I did happen to like the end since it was so scandalously funny. James is the kind of guy who takes a promise like that very, very seriously. Gerald claimed his sibling was beautiful, virtuous, naive; and he had forced James an oath of protection. I love books that I can’t put down! Goodreads lyneay you keep track of books you want to read.

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I shall make an outstanding husband, I promise you, we shall have a marvelous marriage. It was just too damn bad he had had to leave her in such a fix.

I think it’s sweet. Was this what Madame Dubarry had wanted her to see?

The Reluctant Reformer

With the mask, my clothes, and yer cloak, ye should escape all right. The answer had come by chance. Ramsey on the other hand is the typical male of that era, doing the gentlemanly things, being noble and helpful, frightened of anything that resembled love or feelings.

Clark writing for the Daily Express and uncovering major — but dangerous — scandals.

But she forgot all these concerns when Frances answered, “Aye, my sweet Maggie. They had been in cahoots ever since, hence the way she had ended up perched on a ledge on the third floor of the woman’s brothel. Got some great one liners in it, that as a book lover myself made me smile I love a good Historical Romance and know that Lynsay Sands can always deliver a good one.