ARMY TM &P* AIR FORCE TO 11W TECHNICAL M68 SIGHT, REFLEX, W/QUICK RELEASE MOUNT AND SIGHT MOUNT M68 Cco Tm Manual Army – p s – scribd TM. CHAPTER I. PRESENTATION. Aimpoint CompM4 Reflex Sight is a rugged precision red dot Sight developed mainly for military and law enforcement. M68 SIGHT, REFLEX, W/QUICK RELEASE MOUNT AND SIGHT MOUNT CLOSE COMBAT OPTIC (CCO) (NSN ) (NSN ).

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The maintenance code entered in the third position tells you the lowest maintenance level authorized to remove, replace, and use an item.

The M68 Close Combat Optic

Items are returned to the user after maintenance is performed at this level. The Comp M4 adjustment caps have straps and battery cap has an O-ring that keep out moisture. Using the flats of two fingers, turn the ARD 2 clockwise, screwing it into the front of the sight. Open front cover 3adjust fco with target background.

Sight has a circular sized adjustment area with a diameter of 6 ft at yds 2.

Warning Summary 2 pages Gather the center of a sheet of lens paper WP 00, pageItem 2and use the edges to brush dust off lens. If the pad covers the spring post completely, the sight will not function. Close front and rear lens covers 2 and turn switch knob 1 counterclockwise to OFF position tmm the sight is not being used.


The M68 Close Combat Optic |

Gives you the number of the item illustrated. Condemn and dispose at either afloat or ashore intermediate levels. If not using iron sights for initial zeroing, go directly to step 8. The recoverability code is shown in the fifth position tj the SMR code as follows: Items listed are shown on the associated illustrations. Install may be the act of emplacing, seating, or fixing into position m668 spare, repair part, or module component or assembly in a manner to allow the proper functioning of an equipment or system.

Base assembly damaged in such a way that sight cannot be installed. Remove Cap Battery 1 by turning it counterclockwise. The application of the maintenance functions to the end item or component shall be consistent with the capacities and capabilities of the designated maintenance levels, which are shown on the MAC in column 4 as: It should mount flush on both sides of the sight.

The NSN for the item is listed in this column. The table is divided as follows: To prepare and spray color coats of paint so that the ammunition can be identified and protected.

Close front lens cover 1 and rear lens cover 3. The item number is the number assigned to the item as it appears in the figure referenced in the adjacent figure number column. This item is also identified by the NSN listed on the same line. This column provides the other information you need to identify the item. Identify the figure and item number. Unusual cracking, softening, swelling, or breaking of these materials may be a corrosion problem.


So where do you start? How to get an item. Using the flats of two fingers, press against the front of ARD 2 and rotate counterclockwise until the ARD is removed. Inspect the battery housing assembly during every battery change.

The offset for the M68 at 25 meter zero is 1. This is necessary since figures are prepared for assembly n68 and subassembly groups, and lists are divided into the same groups.

Ensure that front and rear lens covers are closed before turning switch knob clockwise to ON position. The M68 is from a family of sights known as reflex- or red-dot sights. To return item to packing box after service and other maintenance operations. The front and rear lens covers should always be kept closed when the sight is not in use.

If the spring connector becomes corroded, clean it with a wire brush. Be sure to completely read this section on how to use this manual first. Remove front and rear lens covers 1 from torque knob 2.