Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Making a Transistor Radio [G.C. Dobbs, B.H. Robinson] on Hardcover: 52 pages; Publisher: Ladybird Books Ltd (January 27, ); Language. Making a Transistor Radio – Ladybird Book. Making a Transistor Radio Book Cover. Making a transistor radio is a book written by G.C. Dobbs, with illustrations .

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You will also have shared the thrill of thousands of other radio construc- tors, listening to sounds coming from a radio receiver which is your ow n work. If nothing is heard, keep moving the position of the wi rc on the coke until a signal is heard. In Denmark of course things would of been different because, well that would be Danmark! Not all the screws are used in building the first part of the radio; the additional screws are needed later as the radio is completed.

The negative — wire is connected to the metal can which forms ihe body of the capacitor, and which may be marked with a black band.

A series of J inch holes arc drilled with a brace and bit to allow’ the sound to leave the case, and the speaker is secured with screws and cups. It is possible to replace ihe screw cups of the radio with small copper nails Arid Solder the components onto these. The rows should be an inch -and – a-half apart.

It should be possible to hear some local stations by adjusting the tuning capacitor. The transformer we require gadio the Eagle LT This can be done with the help of a diagram showing how the components are joined. It is possible for some of the audio signal to feed back to this stage through this IK resistor and distort the signal.


Built many of these in my youth. One end is marked either with a red band or a H sign, and this side goes to the positive side of the circuit. Ladybirc transistor warms up a little then saturates, pulling mA or so through the d. The greater the signal reaching this transistor, the louder will be its output. Regeneration will enable our first transistor in the radio to be used three times.

I remember this book! It is rather distorty, but tranzistor on current.


The part of the coil tapped between the transistor collector through Cl and earth, allows the signal to reach the collector again. If you have followed these pages carefully, you will now f have a useful working radio.

When radio waves ladybrid an audio frequency arrive at a receiver, three things happen: OC44s and working AFs tend to go into high frequency oscillation rather than operate with usable regeneration. The sclderrng iron bit and metaJ shaft can burn the skin! First to be described is a simple crystal set that really works.

The general method for receiving any station is to tune it in with the tuning capacitor and to adjust the feed- back trimmer until the howling just disappears. Stage 3, Biasing the transistor 33K resistor, 1 50 K resistor. Electrolytic capacitors trwnsistor be connected into a circuit the right way round.



The whole coil can be covered with tape to keep the windings secure. The book is now long out of print, so your best bet if you want to read it yourself is to do a Google search on its title for a PDF, or to scour second-hand maming.

Many of these suppliers provide catalogues which list all the com- ponents you will need. During the building of the radio, wires have to be bent into place and sometimes cut to the correct length. As founder of the G-QRP Clubhe has been very active in furthering the cause of low-power amateur radio. I’m not sure why my attempt to build this in the s failed so miserably.

I only have one that has survived since my youth. Definitely was the start of my interest in electronic tinkering.

The Ladybird Radio

I say that this book is a must read! I got this book which I still have, and now show to my university students when I my family spent my Grade 3 year in Scotland in The screws are No, 6 brass countersunk, half inch screws and the washers are No. Its tags arc too close together to use the large screwcups, so small screws ladybirv used. I’ve tested the transistors supplied in the kit maing you can use them without these problems.

Interestingly, there is a spare screwcup position just where these parts are required.