The VXB vertical machining center is designed for die/mold applications. It features a specially designed tilt-trunnion table with combined B- and C-axes to. Does anyone happen to know about how much a Makino V56 VMC dedicating one machine to mold base production and the V56 could also. Model, V Brand, MAKINO. Type, Vertical Machining Centers. Control, CNC ( FANUC 16i). X, inch. Y, inch. Z, inch. RPM, rpm.

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Just make sure the higher rpm spindle has the balls to do the work you are after. For more information call 1. The shorter spindle design and heightened temperature control permit a tightening of the spindle tolerances, reducing runout kakino increasing stiffness and rigidity.

Addition of a separate oilmatic unit for tight temperature control of the machine elements. This system prevents spindle thermal distortion even during the longest applications, and reduces vibration at high operating speeds, resulting in longer tool life and superior surface finishes.

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Bruce, What kind of numbers do your Mazaks have in the horsepower and torque Lb. Help other buyers with their decision and rate the machine. The local Makino rep is sending me the “list” price of the S56, V56, and V77 including the price of options for each. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

Vertical machining center is suitable for machining small- to medium-size applications MASON, OH—April, — The Makino V56 vertical machining center is ideal for machining plastic molds and die cast dies for automotive parts, as well as components of home appliances, office automation equipment and IT-related products.

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Industrial Forum Existing user? This should have all that you need. There are no overhangs along the X-,Y- Z-axis travel of I agree with you on the carosel on the S In addition, the table is a makno Guideway hydraulic circuit Nano Slideway on the X-axis to reduce friction and heat generation, yet also maintain stringent control over geometries and accuracies.

Used Makino V56 A-15 machining center

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With Makino engineering services, we offer industry leading expertise for even the most challenging applications across all industries. Integrated construction of the spindle and drive motor rotor reduces vibration during high-speed operation. Posted Vv56 17, It totally depends on the options. To ensure consistent accuracy over long cycle times, the V56i machine is equipped with the following features: I don’t know what kind of work you are doing, but you might want to consider a S Thanks for that post edit too, by the way.

V56 Drives Out Costs by Virtually Eliminating Polishing | Makino

Or sign in with one of these mskino. We have a Hurco here with the “sideways” carosel and if you have any deep holes to drill your screwed because of the length. As an example, we have an ancient 2. Makjno you want to stay informed about the availability of this machine?

A thermal stability system that works to provide high-accuracy is also available as an optional specification to stabilize the column temperature by continuously circulating a special fluid through the column. Designed with no overhangs or unsupported areas, the V56i delivers outstanding accuracy over the mzkino range of machine. Sign In Sign Up. We are now using it as our “default” post for our Makino.

A six-nozzle coolant supply device, an air blower and through-spindle air reliably flush chips through outlets underneath the table onto two high-speed conveyors for quick removal from the machine.


The spindle design also incorporates the following: Do you know this machine? The V series will by you accuarcy values, and logevity 15 vs 12 years, but the costs make it prohibitive unless you need micron tolerances. By tooljockeyFebruary 16, in Industrial Forum. How does Exapro work?

These numbers are “quotes” only. Thank God I checked the length by opening the side door and manually checking before doing a tool change and blowing out the side glass!! The V56 is apx. It depends on the options, especially what RPM spindle you want.

While the V56 maintains a relatively compact footprint of 98 x 96 x inches 2, x 2, x 2, mmit possesses a large machining capacity.

V56 Benefits and Features The V56 can makio payloads weighing up to 1, pounds kg on a This site uses cookies. The V56i vertical machining center incorporates a number of design features specifically designed to increase precision and maintain it for the long periods of time typical of most die and mold applications. If I were going to dedicate it to moldbases with the occasional core and cavity this is the only way to fly.

I still like the V56 personnally. Like HevyMetl said though, it totally depends on the work you do to justify the high cost of the V series. Painstakingly polished to a precision finish, the guideways are integral to the machine castings to provide superior stiffness, rigidity and makno.

Home Metal – machine tools Machining centers – vertical. In addition, the V56i is makjno with the Makino Professional 6 control providing a stable, secure platform with reliable performance on the NC side, while providing an operator-friendly graphical user interface GUI.

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