Boudica means Bringer of Victory (from the early Celtic word “boudeg”). . Boudica: Dreaming the Eagle by Manda Scott is the first of four books on the life of. Buy Boudica: Dreaming The Eagle (Boudica 1) First Edition by Manda Scott ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . Buy Boudica: Dreaming The Eagle: Boudica 1 New Ed by Manda Scott (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free.

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She longs to be a Dreamer, a mystical leader who can foretell the future, but having killed the man who has attacked and killed her mother, she has proven herself a warrior.

In this book the battle scene at the end was drawn out just a bit too much for me – I am not a believer in blow by bloody blow descriptions of flanking maneuvers although entire genres of military fiction are grounded in this type of detail. Mar 04, Morgan Dhu rated it liked it.

Check out the seven essential traits that would have kept you alive in occupied France. I was happy to believe it Ancient Britainy. It was open slather in Iceni land. As far as the Roman’s go, you see the build up of greed and how they overtake several tribes just for sport or thinking that if they could take the lands they could civilize the tribes and increase their export trades with full control. Oct 18, H. It is 33 AD and eleven-year-old Breaca later named Boudicathe red-haired daughter of one of the leaders of the Eceni tribe, is on the cusp between girl and womanhood.


We are in a woman-focused or woman-led society and sexuality is fluid. Boudica wasn’t called Boudica till the end of the book where sh!

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It takes longer than I’m used to get through a page making this feel like a long read. To be fair I gave up after two thirds of the book on the grounds that I had better things to read and not enough time to read them in, it’s possible it was just a very slow starter.

Awesome book and awesome series. I enjoyed the historical fiction aspect but sometimes the novel seemed too ‘New Age’ for my taste. I think I am most struck by the side-figures and the general cast, because they can be unusual. This is an extraordinary feat of the imagination that will captivate its readers, especially lovers of historical fiction.

Manda Scott – Wikipedia

The other tribes were very interesting. The Eagle of the Twelfth Rome: One thing I don’t like is Scott’s excessively lateral way of thinking when it comes to spirit I really liked this book.

Dreaming the Eagle was the first.

I read everything she wrote, but she never really lifted the goat-skin flap: Did I dare put the predicted book of my dreams into my “give away to someone I hate” pile? Too much action-oriented hf bores me to tears and a Manda Scott is rare, who involves me, who even describes a fight with true excitement, not those tedious literal battles. I had to quit it, and i really don’t like to do this.


I love Celtic themes and have found Boudica an in One of my favorite series. I’d find myself ski I enjoyed the historical fiction aspect but sometimes the novel seemed too ‘New Age’ for my taste.


On the occasion when they were complex for the Germans, they were also complex for us…. Return to Book Page. Maybe Breaca is too splendid, but then heroes are.

Apparently this is a historical fiction but after reading it I think that more emphasis was placed on the fiction. The story was definitely intense.

Are they still here? I was writing to find what felt authentic to me, to take my own practice deeper while creating books that I thought might touch one or two people and let them see the world differently. And while there is no doubt that Boudica here, in book one, Breaca is “chosen” and her skill in battle is convincingly detailed, Scott doesn’t manage to catch us up in how she gets there.

Still, the story starts with Breaca’s first kill as a year-old, and Scott brings the battle song to surge through the veins of her readers from that first page sctt the last. It reads like a more intimate and character-oriented HBO’s ROME, with all the heightened suspense and pornographic violence, skillfully rendered popcorn elements and web of plot lines.

Boudica: 15 years on

And if so, how best can we re-connect with them, to rediscover our heritage and our sense of connectedness to the earth. Bouudicapages. Other books in the series. I have been gobbled up by this book.