The guidance flange prosthesis helps in directing the deviating mandible to improve form and function. This case report describes a procedure. Mandibular Guide Flange Prosthesis Following Mandibular Resection: A Clinical Report. SHAILENDRA KUMAR SAHU*. MDS, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of. prosthesis.2 In a mandibular-based guidance prosthesis, the guide flange is attached to a mandibular removable partial denture (RPD) on the nonresected side.

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As an author and reviewer for several years I find this Journal most suitable and highly recommend this Journal. The inclination of the guide flange was adjusted until it guided the mandible maandibular centric occlusion Figure 4. It encourages in publishing the scientific articles from postgraduates and also the beginners who start their career. This will help in reducing trismus, minimize scar contracture and improve occlusion[ 1 ].

Upon opening the mouth, this deviation increases, leading to mandibulaf opening and closing of the angular pathway.

Proethesis certain cases, I felt that the peer review process of the manuscripts was not up to international standards and that it should be strengthened. In an era when there is an unscientific insistence on speciality specific research by regulatory bodies in medical education, JCDR supports collaborative research across specialities.

Definitive guiding flange prosthesis: A definitive approach in segmental mandibulectomy defect

The journal also mentions the average time for processing the manuscript under different submission systems – regular submission and proethesis review. Timely publication of journal: Quality medical manuscript writing in particular, demands not only a high-quality research, but also requires accurate and concise communication of findings and conclusions, with adherence to particular journal guidelines.


J Prosthet Dent ; Ameloblastoma, Dental prosthesis design, Fibula free-flap, Mandibular prosthesis, Maxillofacial prosthesis, Segmental mandibulectomy. The authors of this manuscript declare that they have no conflicts of interest, real or perceived, financial or non-financial in this article.

Rehabilitating dentulous hemimandibulectomy patients. The success of the mandibular guidance rehabilitation prosthesia on the nature of the surgical defect, patient co-operation, and prosthetic management with early physiotherapy program. Authors have a great responsibility for producing facts of their work in terms of number and results truthfully and an individual honesty is expected from authors in this regards.

Another purpose to keep the prosthesis components distally was to prevent any disturbance of the GFP in anterior area where the FFF was attached to the normal mandible with the bone plates. This facility not only provides the prompt publications of the manuscripts but at the same time also early availability of the manuscripts for the readers.

The occlusal table was also extended on the maxillary teeth of defect side to prevent supraeruption as there were no opposing teeth Figures 5 and 6. During this initial healing period prosthodontic intervention is required for preventing the mandibular deviation. July 27, Accepted: The prosthesis was tried in patient mouth and checked for retention and stability. If intervention with the GF was not done at this time, the deviation would worsen on healing process and scar formation.

Abstract Loss of the continuity of the mandible destroys the balance and the symmetry of mandibular function, leading to altered mandibular movements and deviation of the residual fragment towards the surgical side.

On Aug Dr. J Maxillofac Oral Surg ; 8: Related articles Hemimandibulectomy maxillofacial prosthesis odontogenic tumor precision attachment rehabilitation. Citation of this article. It must be started two weeks postoperatively.


Two precision attachments were inserted into buccal surface of the denture base with their patrix and the corresponding matrixes were inserted into the transparent guide flange. Successful intercuspal position was accomplished through the use of the guidance appliance, combined prowthesis physiotherapy in a patient who underwent a hemisection of the prlsthesis, subsequent to treatment for an ameloblastoma. May 24, First decision: The residual mandible deviates medially and superiorly and it will be more or less evident, depending on the manribular and the extension of the resection, the amount of soft tissue and innervations which are involved and the presence of the remaining natural teeth.

Frequent follow-ups are mandatory and it should be noted whether continuous wear would help the patient to improve further in achieving proper centric occlusion without guiding flange and whether she would be able to retain that ability once the guiding flange is discontinued. Diagnostic prosthwsis for prosthodontic rehabilitation of the mandibulectomy patient; pp.

There are four significant factors that affect rehabilitation: The patient was not financially sound.

Guide flange prosthesis for early management of reconstructed hemimandibulectomy: a case report

The journal is multidisciplinary. Mandible is a significant structure in lower third of face constituting to esthetics and functions like speech, swallowing and mastication. The deviation prowthesis mandible was observed towards the reconstructed left side about 10 – 12 mm from midline on 40 mm of mouth opening on opening due to the effect of the normal right mandibular depressor muscles action Fig.