Mantra pushpam is a Vedic prayer chanted towards the end of most poojas. Traditional Meaning: The following is repeated several times by. This great mantra is taken from Taithreeya Aranyakam () of Yajur Veda. It is one of the most famous of all veda mantras and remains quite popular till date. Yopam pushpam veda, Ayatanavan bhavati, Mantra pushpam yajur veda verses with meanings, Mantra pushpam describing source of water.

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Mind alone is the support of all experiences. It suffers a lot! Moon rules mind, i.

Manthra Pushpam in english

If even if one of them is missing, perception is not possible. Meaninng post if any good explanation is available. A direct translation is un-intelligible but thanks to the power of the internet, I found a deeper meaning captured beautifully in another site http: Samvatsara is the measure of time.

Water is the support of this one who burns. Wind is the support of waters. He becomes endowed with the support who knows this.

He who knows the support of Fire becomes endowed with the support. He remains as the witness-consciousness and is freed of all the six fold changes of the body. One who knows that Brahman Pure Consciousness is the support of all experiences gets established in the Brahman-state.


A lotus can bloom in maantra waters! Parjanya — the thundering noise represents the deviation from the silent Brahman state to the level of the ignorant Jeeva who lives imprisoned in a world of sound names and forms. Water is the support of Cloud. Why is it a fire?

He is unaffected by the experiences. I shall put all my effort in understanding it. What is the support of these experiences? Notify me of new comments via email.

Upanishads explained by Narayanalakshmi: MantraPushpam – Subtle Explanation

Saundarya LahariThe wave of beauty. Vedas also are such powerful sound-processes which change the mental level of the person who hears it with full concentration.

So, Water is the support of Moon. I had been so curious to understand this mantra. These ideas of the Creator alone form the basis of all the experiences of the created beings. Thank you very much for the detailed commentary.

Mantra pushpam

My only suggestion is that the learning and chanting of the Manthra Pushpam should be done should be upshpam by newcomers with the assistance of a learned Guru. Vaasanaa means an unfulfilled subtle seed of an experience which resides in the mind.

Chandramaa Moon is the flower of the Waters. What is the support of these experiences?


Samvatsara is span of time where changes of seasons occur. How can one who realizes the Brahman-state, praise an ordinary deity like Kubera, asking for the boon of material wealth? Mind oscillates from joy to sorrow as it wades through various experiences. Though its awareness is due meajing the witness-consciousness, it appears as if it is separate from the Sun and seeks enjoyment from the perceived world. It has no shine of its own.

Because mexning experiences are there, Brahman is termed here as the witness consciousness. He is the support of waters. This one fireburning like this in the support of waters. A man who has realized pushpamm true nature of the Self is Brahman itself. Let us know the simple meaning of this Mantra today, by understanding which, we can hopefully go to the next level of deep perception. Mind comes into existence to gain the experiences.

Namaste sir I am really grateful to you for posting the detailed meaning. All experiences are centered on the moon, the mind-principle.