Veja grátis o arquivo SM GM Manual Tecnico enviado para a disciplina de Top ANT ANTA N T5 02 A N T5 03 BTC C C 10 02 C C. SERVICE MANUAL / # X / 10/ AKG CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT / Laxenburger aus dem Gehäuse schieben. 1. C S MKIV. Service Manual Level III ™ DIGITAL WIRELESS TELEPHONE Model P Service Motorola regional Cellular Subscriber Support Centers offer some of the C10 C C C C C C C C C C .

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There are two types of multiplexing that are feasible for cellular: The output of UA will provide a high state at Celylar. To get the most accurate readings, take measurements nearest to the labeled measurement on the service diagram.

Select the DTC Meas field to display a list of available tests.

SM G360M Manual Tecnico

Once the carrier passes through the VCA, it passes through the cellular final power amplifier which is still internal to U The hinge shaft may come loose from the flip.

To initialize system A enter Handoffs should be performed between low, middle, and high frequency channels, such as, lowest frequencymiddle frequencyand highest frequency. The page is sent as data on the forward control channel.

This condition will switch Celuar on, allowing the voltage at the gate of Q to drop.

Motorola P Service manual |

The subscriber unit rings for 65 seconds or until the user answers. Bits enter display on the right and scroll left.

It also has some internal buffers for the receive signals and the VCO signals. Scan Preferred System A or B 3. The ability to return to step 3 can be disabled by some settings of System Registration. Eventually TDMA is expected to take full advantage of all six time slots, allowing for six communications links in the bandwidth of a conventional AMPS channel.


If the reading you are getting shows gain positive number, you may need to zero the power meter. Page 1 Select page from the list on the left side of the celluar. The cell site sends the data to the switch. This condition will pull the input the inverter UA low. The voice channel assignment is sent to the cellular telephone on the access channel.

A4 Custom IC U All the c0100 sites within a system are then connected either by dedicated land lines, microwave links, or a combination of both to a central control site called the central controller or switch.

IS – Model hex: Specifies the level of priority assigned to the phone when accessing the system.

A cyclic redundancy check CRC is performed on the most significant class I bits. Can the overhead message from the strongest control channel be decoded?

The frequency of oscillation is dependent on the channel that the transceiver will be operating in. A10 Merlin TX U Data to be displayed is shown above. The phone remains in Status Display Mode if the key is pressed momentarily. This condition will switch Q off, allowing the input of U to be in a low state.

If the component part number is not known, the order should include the number of the chassis or kit of which it is a part, and sufficient description of the desired component to identify it. The Mechanical explosion contains a table of mechanical part numbers that may change after publication of this manual. Initial B system channel. Q is used as a voltage clamping circuit prevent a voltage level higher than 3.


Light sleep – Clocks running, but celhlar power consumption 3.

This manual is intended as a training aid in conjuction with formal classes provided by Motorola. The resultant signal is then applied to the Analog Mod. An alert order is then sent to the cellular telephone which responds with a 10 KHz signaling tone DST message. The deviation limiter is realized using an amplifier in conjunction with a 7th-order odd polynomial with two output comparators. When set to one, the user may access repertory by a one or two digit send sequence speed dialing.

This communications port is functionally identical to the host port provided for the Motorola DSP; To both devices, the port appears as a bus-mapped peripheral. Select MAHO from the list of choices.

U only has one output which allows only two possible celklar, high or low. U takes the 2. At this point you will be getting some type of power reading for cable loss. A8 TX Offset Oscillator A49 RF Block Diagram