Table of Contents. Chapter 1. StarUML Overview. What is StarUML; Key Features ; System Requirements. Chapter 2. Basic Concepts. Model, view and diagram. If you have StarUML V1 model files .uml), you can import by selecting File | Import | StarUML 1 File .uml). . Note: Deleting View Elements do not delete Model Elements. Uninstall extension of old version manually. 2. StarUML™ is a software modeling platform that supports UML (Unified .. Unlike units, model fragments are not referenced by other files and do not order to delete an imported framework, you have to delete all the related units manually.

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They cannot be moved to be placed under manuao types of elements. Composite Structure Diagram is a diagram to express internal structure of Classifier. Class has attribute and operation compartments, subsystem has an operation compartment, and enumeration has literal and operation compartments.

It may affect the performance of the generation. If true, the template is applied to top-level package Project. A df can contain many diagrams. You can write templates for.

Use Case Diagram Use Case Diagram is an expression of relations between the use cases in a specific system or object and the external actors. Template provides parameters for variations of user environments, objectives, and so on. Kind of translator for the template.


Names must also be unique within the namespace. A diagram can be deleted if it is no longer needed. The following expression formats are available.

StarUML checks latest updates automatically. Indicates multiple elements editable through the collection editor. Copying and pasting may also be restricted depending on the view element types and diagram types. In order to edit the specific diagram, you have to activate the diagram when you open several diagrams. When an element name is defined as more over a word, visibility of diagram is decreased since the size of the view is being over extension. Installing a template is very simple.

If any, specify an example model for the template. The following properties are available. Deployment Diagram expresses the hardware elements of the physical computer and devices and the software components, processes and objects that are assigned to them. Makes stimulus that has a return relationship from target element to the current element. Activity Diagram is commonly used for expressing workflow, and it is frequently used for objects like classes, packages, and operations.

It is allowed to generate slides by hierarchical structure in MS PowerPoint. Besides creating a new element in the diagram from the pallet, view elements can also be created for existing model elements.


Chapter 8. Generating Codes and Documents

Component Diagram expresses the dependency between the software components. Name for the template to register. Specify whether to show the progress of generation or not. Many model validation rules are defined and checked asynchronously whenever you save or open your model files.

Stereotypes of the elements attributes, operations, etc. If more than two artifacts are generated, specify the pathname the artifacts are placed. Moves for diagram domain what you want as using scroll bar.

In this case, only a limited section of the diagram can be shown on the screen. For instance, a diagram that expresses the overall structure of the project can be configured as the default diagram. Batch includes one file that is batch file.

The aligned model is only shown by model navigator, the order among real models are not modified.

Line type view elements such as Association, Dependency and Generalization are expressed by either of the following two line styles.